What is an edcamp, you may ask? The chicks that put on edcampMadisonAL allowed us to share with you their words in describing what an edcamp is and how it works. Thanks to Angie Bush and the other gals who encouraged us to put on Mississippi's first edcamp!

The success of edcamp relies on our attendees! We need YOU to make YOUR day more successful! Have you thought about what you might like to share or learn about? What about the smackdown? For those of you who are new to edcamp, prepare to be dazzled by your educator colleagues.

Upon arrival, the session board is completely blank. Our attendees will fill in the session board with titles that they want to share. This year we are going to have 4-5 50 minute sessions. Remember, anyone can be a presenter; a teacher, a counselor, an administrator or any stakeholder who has something to share.

Edcamp is also reliant on the law of two feet. This premise encourages participants to find a session that meets their needs and also encourages participants to leave sessions that do not meet their needs. That’s right! If you get all you need in the first 10 minutes of a session or you can hear the session next door and you want to go see what is going on, you are encouraged to leave and go find a session that interests you.
I am sure that you have things you do in your classroom and at your school that you can share. Do you use a strategy that has worked well? Do you use a strategy that you love, but you can’t quite figure out how to tweak it to make it better? Do you use apps that your students love? What about collaborative projects? Project-based learning? Have you read something lately that you want to discuss? The possibilities are endless!
At lunch we will have our “smackdown”. The Smackdown is a famous part of edcamp that many of us look forward to. During this time, we turn the mic over to the participants to share quick apps, tips, websites, hardware, software… anything at all! The smackdown turns out to be a huge share session during which, we all learn together.